From Keith

An interesting article I came across, and very pertinant it is now

Experienced Walking Football referee talks about how difficult it is to stop the running in the game!

“I have refereed maybe a thousand games of walking football involving sessions at local level and some tournaments. I honestly believe that I am one of the best referees in walking football, and know the laws of the game.

I recently contacted you and told you that I had never seen a game in walking football that never had at least one instance of running in it. I therefore decided that I would clamp down harder on running and physical contact at my local session.

I was blowing up every 2 minutes for running and physical contact. I sin binned 6 players in one session.

It should be noted that I became involved with walking football because I enjoy the game. I do not enjoy blowing up every few minutes and sending players off.

Half way through the session where I had blown up at least 30 times for offences, the players I had penalised began criticising me from the touchline for not penalising and sending other players off.

A half dozen of them walked out on me without saying anything 40 minutes before the session was due to end. I did nothing but my best. I decided to let them get on with it without me, I do not regret my decision. I have since made myself available to my local county FA and offered to officiate future festival and tournament games.”