Time until the next game at Benalmadena Polideportivo

Match report by Geoff et al

REDS ….2 versus BLACKS….4

In the Monday game, which could only be described as an experiment that failed abysmally, 2 11 a side teams took to the hallowed turf that aimed to be self refeereing which finished up a game of who could shout the loudest. In particular a claim for a high ball has yet to be verified as the ball has not yet been retrieved from the tree.

Kaj scored first for the blacks in the second period, the ball taking a wicked deflection and totally decieved the reds keeper leaving him stranded…….honest guv.

5 minutes later Daz levelled the scores following a magnificent toe poke from all of 25 yards.

Into the third period, when it became obvious that the game was going to be a one of attrition, who’s voices would give out the earliest. Fred took over in the red goal and, before he had a chance to warm up properly let a shot from John through his legs. 2-1 to the blacks.

Dave the Bee then scored the most controversial goal, awarded by the blacks because they were the loudest, to make the score 3-1 blacks.

Dave the cab then scored the goal of the game, lobbing Alan in the Blacks goal to pull the red team back to a one goal deficit.

Onto the final period when the blacks scored their 4th and final goal, who scored, dont know, it is shrouded in the mists of time, making the final score 4-2 to the black team.

The players returned to the bar for some well earned refreshments and to discuss the meaning of life and the offside rule. Would England have beaten Italy in the euros final if the players themselves controlled the game?

Anyway, lets see if the experiment will be repeated in the future, if so, can WFS please buy 22 whistles.