Time until the next game at Benalmadena Polideportivo

Match report by Geoff

REDS ….0 versus BLACKS ….1

Once again, just the one 9 a-side match on a cloudy and much colder morning than of late at the Polideportivo last Thursday to bring in the first day of February.

In goal at the start of the match for the Blacks was Keith, a Bert Trautman look a like even down to wearing a 1950’s style cap to complete the image.

Surprisingly, despite yet another recent crash on his bike, he arrived in one piece only to later learn, not surprisingly, of another mode of transport.

The new rule of changing goal keepers twice in each session more was strictly enforced by referee Breck and a pretty even first half not surprisingly ended goalless.

Dave the Plasterer, who considers himself as a  latter day Geoff Hurst, was in his normal hotshot form, statistics reveal in his last five matches, despite 25 shots on goal, none have yet been on target, undoubtedly a club record of which he seems proud to hold.

He was undoubtedly playing his part with his shooting skills in the second session, which remainied goalless, yet still had the audacity to offer Steve Mac shooting lessons which not surprisingly was declined.

It took 40 minutes before the Blacks got their first corner, with the hotshot plasterer recording another 3 misses in this session taking his statistics to 28 – zero, what a player!

The third session remained goalless and it looked all but certain this would be the final score.

On the 50 minute mark, the Blacks were given a penalty and Bambi as is his want grabbed the ball, deciding he would take it, needless to say, true to form, he missed it.

Despite constant pressure by the Blacks on the Reds goal, it looked for all intent and purposes the match would remain goalless, a rare occurrence at the Polideportivo, if indeed it has ever happened before.

However, in the last minute of the match, cometh the hour cometh the man and none other than our master plaster stepping  up to the mark to blast in a fantastic low shot past the Reds keeper from 20 yards, now making his statistic 29-1.

Not surprisingly the celebrations could be heard for sometime in the nearby Pueblo.

In conclusion, although on occasions the score line reflected the standard of football played, referee Breck nevertheless allowed the game to flow which was pleasingly played in a sporting manner, having no need to issue any yellow or red cards as threatened.

Acknowledgment to my assistant reporter, Dave the Fox, for providing me with his notes thereby allowing your correspondent to file this report.