A match report from this week, way back in July 2021.

Match report sponsored by Kevos pies and sausage rolls

After Mondays game, it is unusual for a match report to appear on the same day as the game. Its just like busses, you wait 3 days for a report and then 2 come along at once!

However, Today was unusual. Read on , Dear Reader.

On a hot and sultry morning at the Retamar, the teams were evenly matched. Neither team having a player arrested!

However, the football was a little more mis matched. Despite taking the lead, the orange tabards fell behind to some lovely moves by the yellow tabards and quickly fell behind 3-1.

A fourth goal by the Yellow tabards virtually put them out of reach but that did not deter the orange tabards, who scored a second goal. In the last few minutes, with both teams flagging, the Yellows added a fifth to make the final score Yellow tabards 5, Orange Tabards 2.

Fergus, making his debut, tried a one-two with Richard Branson, on yet another of his space voyages, and Branson headed the ball, unfortunately striking a glancing blow on a Volkswagen golf, parked outside the stadium behind a 40 foot fence. Naturally, she phoned the police and they dropped everything to arrive at the Retamar barely an hour after the event.

Scorers, in no particular order or even correct, were Jim King with 2, Marcus, Mats, Alan, Kevin and Terry all scored 1. I think…..