Time until the next game at Benalmadena Polideportivo

Match report by Geoff

REDS …. 4 versus BLACKS …..3

Yet again just one match of 10 aside with Breck refereeing on another sunny morning at the Polideportivo with our ace wordsmith sadly missing again so his avid readers will again have to put up with my dull fare.

After 5 minutes Rick in his bright orange boots struck a fine angled shot across the goal area to beat top goalie Keith in goal for the Blacks no doubt dazzled by his boots in the bright sunshine.

A few minutes later Bambi running back towards his own goal  collided with his teammate the Milky Bar Kid giving old stager Ken the easiest of chances to make it 2-0 to the Reds. This in itself is one of the rare occasions anyone has ever seen him defending. Obviously poor Stevie C suffered the abuse and blame.

After the water break Alan ‘O’ struck a superb 30 yard shot which whistled past the Reds goal with the keeper well beaten.

Then the goal to beat all goals by no other than Bambi the ball came off his foot and went so high it was momentarily lost in the stratosphere and amazingly on its way back to earth dropped into the Reds net with the scorer celebrating claiming it was no fluke. 2-1 to the Reds.

Paulo by now was in goal for the Blacks and despite his huge frame somehow made two acrobatic saves to defy the Reds increasing there lead.

The Blacks then equalised through Keith   now playing in midfield who easily beat Keef in the Reds goal, the former making a big difference to the attacking threat of the Blacks.

On the 50 minute mark Ken scored a terrific opportunist goal for the Reds then almost immediately the wily old winger Eddie easily beat the Milky Bar Kid in goal from distance with a blaster.  4-2 to the Reds.

The last session began with Breck putting on a Black bib to play as well as referee in an endeavour to level things up in the last few minutes.

This seemed to be working as on the the hour Steve Mac scored for the Blacks making it 4-3 with a tremendous shot from the halfway line making for an exciting finale.

This is exactly what happened as all hell then broke loose with Bambi turning on the theatricals when he was tackled fairly by Audrey when both going to play the ball and he ended up doing a triple somersault and screaming abuse that he had been fouled.

In a past life he had surely been a gymnast or someone with turrets! The incident ended with Audrey replying forcibly in a most unladylike like manner to Bambi and for once he was gobsmacked and offered no response.

Then if that was not enough Bambi was penalised for kicking the ball above head height which not surprisingly he disputed despite the fact the ball hit the peak of his cap knocking it off his head and into the air. What a star.

Despite Breck’s efforts to level the score by playing at least 10 extra minutes the Reds held out for the win.


Peter Downing on his return to Spain from Cornwall watched the last half hour or so of the match with myself on the touch line and commented after watching Bambi’s theatricals “It’s as if I have never been away and just come back and hit the pause button, nothing has changed”. CLASSIC.

Man of the Match has to be  ‘Bambi’