Time until the next game at Benalmadena Polideportivo

Match report by Geoff

REDS …4 versus BLACKS…5

Yet another excellent turnout on a sunny winters morning at the Polideportivo, enabling Breck to select just one match of eleven aside.

Once again in the absence of our superb wordsmith, Rory,  there being no others takers yours truly once again had  the job of penning a few words together for a short report.

Once again the editor following his sarcastic comments last week has tried to put me under an unrealistic time frame to submit this report.(Who me? …. Ed)

The opening stages of the match started with some excellent three touch passing by both teams, then after 10 minutes, Ken of 5 touch fame, put the Blacks in front with a fine opportunist goal being left completely unmarked by the Reds defence.

After the first water break, Breck handed the whistle over to H and disappeared into the underworld, no doubt to carry out some secret franchise deals locally!

Such a decision did not go down too well with Keef when seeing H taking over the whistling duties, no doubt worrying about him carrying out some retribution from his past deeds with the whistle whilst conveniently forgetting that such a task was most definitely not his finest hour!

Back to the match, goal scrounger Ken was again left unmarked to put the ball into the back of the Reds net only for H to disallow it for encroachment in the goal area. Funnily enough no complaints on this occasion from Mr Nobody!

Sergei on 25 minutes equalised for the Reds and for once was not pulled up or warned for running.

Within a couple of minutes old stager Ken left unmarked again by the porous Reds defence scored his second goal, 3-1 to the Blacks.

On the 40 minute mark Jonny aka Puskas of Hungarian descent scored for the Reds to bring them a goal back.

Hardly before getting his breath back Puskas scored another fine goal making it 3 apiece in the fashion his namesake would have been proud of.

A few minutes later goal hanger Ken scored a real poachers goal when Dave the sparrow inexplicably tried a back pass to his keeper only for the soon to be octogenarian Ken to pounce and slot it into the back of the Reds net for a terrific hat-trick and man of the match performance to boot.

4-3 to Blacks.

On the hour new boy Klaus thought is was Christmas in February scoring a fine opportunist goal making it 5-3 to the Blacks.

‘H’ by now trying to get back into ‘Keef’s’ good books allowed a generous amount of added time in an endeavour for the Reds to reduce the deficit, thus allowing Dave the ‘sparrow’ to score for the Reds  with a cracking shot from distance, which in part made up for his earlier defensive error which led to a Blacks goal.

Try as they might the Reds couldn’t get the equaliser and the Blacks finished worthy winners.

Highlight of the match, although it pains me say it, was the save by the editor in the  Reds goal,  whose name for some reason eludes me, making a terrific diving save to tip an absolute blaster of a shot from Kevo for a corner.

Back on the balcony taking refreshments and the usual banter, Keef forcefully continued to make his views known about the ethos of walking football.

Upon reflection, I fully appreciate the issues he was making in particular the the need to stop blatant running, which on several occasions during this game resulted in unfortunate collisions albeit not intentional between players. Obviously this is a real concern as the age difference when playing only one match as has been the case of late at the can be 20 years or more. Likewise players also need to understand the dangers of tackling from behind or the side in, what is after all, supposed to be a non contact sport.

To this end it may be worth considering the introduction of  yellow cards to sin-bin offenders as happens when playing in walking  football league matches.