Time until the next game at Finca Naundrup

Report by Robin

This being “The Cats” last outing as the Reds keeper prior to his holidays, it was debatable if he would be happy playing alongside Frieda. Frieda, however, turned out to be none-other than that champion of women’s lib – Fred Harding.

Seven Reds lined up against six Blacks. In scoring six goals Reds took a deserved lead prior to the Blacks eventually drawing level at six-all, only to lose a brace in the final stage of the game.

Steve L. kept goal for the Blacks up until the first water break when he was replaced by Col the Manc.

With his usual aplomb Andrew fired in a fine hat-trick for the Reds as did Kevin M, including a cracker from all of 30 yards.

A cute backhealer from Scotty opened up the Black defense putting Hans on the scoresheet. David A. also contributed to the eight scores for the victorious Reds.

For the Blacks, Gaza put two past Eddie only for all goalscorers to be outshone by Danish Dynamo Max with a handful of goals.

Final score Reds 8 Blacks 7.