Countdown to next game at El Canadon

Well, getting 12 players this week turned out to be tougher than the meat in a motorway services steak pie…..And if you have never had one, that’s pretty tough.

After sending more WhatsApps than a teenager we finally got to any organisers worst nightmare – an odd number 11.

So on a slightly chilly morning (10 degrees instead of the balmy 1 in the UK), we set off with 6 v 5, the Pinks being a man down.

Initially, the game was pretty close but eventually the Blues extra man paid off with medium Chris beating Neil with a good shot. I say good shot… the writer couldn’t even remember the score. I think your reporter needs to concentrate on the game rather than the advice from Ted Lasso to have a memory like a goldfish.

At this point up stepped Gustavo who normally pulls the post game pints (usually with a bigger head than Harry Maguire) to even up the numbers and play for the Pinks.

This resulted in an equaliser from everybody’s favourite crooner – Carlito – who asked me to mention he is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs etc. most weekends at favourable rates. Apart for the next month when he is mainly on at the Clifton Arms in Bristol over the festive period.

Anyway, that was that. Off to the bar for beers and, in some cases, weak coffees. It’s highly likely that there is more coffee in the empanadas than the one TV Kev has.

Finally, a quick mention must go to everybody’s favourite goalie Ray. Get well soon fella… you were missed today.

Adrian Coleman, BBC Grandstand, El Canadon, Spain