Time until the next game at Benahavis


Whites lined up Andrew, Rossiter (you know you are a good player when you are known by your surname..🤣) PJ, TJ, Nick (GK) Duffell, Bill.

and the Blues, Martyn, James, Knut, The Geordie, Andy R & Popeye

The more observant reading this will recognise it was 7 v 6, but Blues didn’t realise until they were 5-0 down at the first break🙄

Andrew (long haired lover from Liverpool) but now known as Jimmy, bagged 3 🤷‍♂️ and Rossiter got two more, not looking good for Blues. 😞 5-0 Whites  🙄

Second period was a complete transformation, as Blues went man for man marking and nullified the Whites. Southgate would have been proud of these guys who came back against the odds as James and Andrew, who had switched teams rifled in the goals to make it 5-4 to Blues at the second break.

This game was taking place at San Pedro which, to be honest, was more of a 9 aside pitch but the guys did their best to fill the gaps.

Third period saw end to end exchanges as the guys got tired, misplaced passes led to a plethora of goals. Chairman Tony put one away from 25 yards, Rossiter got another and it was looking bleak for Whites.😞

But Popeye marshalled his team together and playing some scintillating stuff, got back in the game and took the lead on the 3rd quarter with strikes from James x2 & Colin to take a narrow lead into the last phase of the game. At this stage it was 9-7 to the Blues.

So, all to play for. Just like the Euros knockouts who would prevail?

First blood to Whites as Rossiter completes his hat trick to put the pressure on Blues.

In the words of Schalke FC, Null Fear.

Popeye steps up for Blues dancing around a despairing White defence to apply the Coup de Grace with a neat finish.

Final result 11 – 8 to Blues,  but not the end of the evening.

Great to welcome back Knut for his first game for a year… we missed you pal 👍⚽️

Thanks to Andy Robertson for bravely going in goal when clearly carrying an injury. 👍💪 Get well soon mate 👍

The apres Footy was even better, 😳🤣  All the talk was about England, the Euros, missed chances, playing to feet, 🙄 but at the end of the day, a great game shared by all in convivial company. Long may it continue…