From Keith

There may be a possibility that both The Commander👮and Peter🐟will not be available for walking football for the next couple of months. This undoubtedly will create a heavier workload for myself, which I don’t think I can sustain on my own.

The only pitch that will permanently available to us is the small 6 a-side pitch at the Retamar, which means that if we maintain an attendance of 20 there would be 2 sessions.

I would be prepared to take an older group of players…..Would someone be prepared to coordinate the better players?

I know that some of you will play at El Canadon on a Wednesday and Sunday and that may be enough for you.

As an alternative we could consider a summer break until the beginning of September.

We could discuss this after the game this morning, or alternatively If you have any opinions please post them in the comment box below and not on the WhatsApp group.