Time until the next game at Benalmadena Polideportivo

Match report by Geoff

REDS…..4 versus BLACKS…..3

Just one match at the Polideportivo last Thursday, should have been 11 aside but one no show necessitated the Reds playing one man short with a ‘rush’ goalie.

In the first session the Reds took an early lead through a well taken penalty by Bambi as a result of Brian putting his little toe into his own goal area!

Second session started with

Dave the Cab putting the Reds two up following poor defending by Geordie Trev.

Then to make up for his error,  Trev slotted one past Keith in the Reds goal making the score 2-1.

Although playing a man short, the Reds were undoubtedly playing the better football, nevertheless the Blacks on 30 minutes should arguably have had a penalty when Welsh Steve stepped some 5 yards into his own goal area. Breck the self appointed Supreme Commander and referee trying to appear impartial whilst playing for the Blacks alleged it was the momentum from Steve’s bulging midriff that took him so far into the goal area and ignored such appeals.

After some 40 minutes, Bambi having one of his better games for the Reds inexplicably blasted a sitter wide past Brian in the Blacks goal. As is his want Bambi let loose with a torrent of abuse looking for anyone nearby to blame for his miss. What a star.

On 45 minutes Dave the Cab’s shot rebounded off the Blacks post with Brian in goal well beaten, however a few minutes later he made up for this hitting a blaster past Brian in the Blacks goal. 3-1 to the Reds.

The last session began with Steve C, aka The Milky Bar Kid, in goal for the Reds with legs even whiter than his shorts. Hence the nickname.

After 50 minutes, Keith not Keef hit a strong shot from distance past Trev in the Blacks goal making it a deserved  4-1 lead to the 10 man Reds, sorry Audrey 9 men and lady.

After some 55 minutes Breck hit a tremendous speculative shot from the some 40 yards which narrowly went over the crossbar.

Following this a poor clearance by the Milky Bar Kid afforded Nigel the opportunity for the Blacks to reduce the deficit, however much to his annoyance from 15 yards out he missed an open goal.

The assault by the Blacks continued when Breck narrowly missed with another distance shot before Nigel slid one past Stevie Boy in the Reds goal. 4-2 to the Reds.

Minutes later Nigel got his second making it 4-3 and setting it up for a frantic finale.

By now Breck for the Blacks and also referee not to mention so called man of integrity was now playing well into extra time determined for his team to get the all important equaliser.

Old stager Ken then hit a terrific shot which was destined for the back of the Reds net, however the ball hit Welsh Steve on the back of his head with him claiming the header was intentional, he clearly did not know what week he was in when picking himself up off the ground.

After at least 10 minutes extra time Nigel hit a terrific shot from distance which Steve ‘C’ in goal somehow managed to get one of his whiter the white outstretched legs in the way deflecting it for a corner.

Breck then somehow found his breath to blow the whistle magnanimously accepting defeat. 4-3 to the Reds.

Man of the match was undoubtedly Mike the Alligator from Dundee who restricted goal scrounger supreme, Ken quiet allowing him only one shot on goal and even then after 70 minutes.