Time until the next game at Finca Naundrup

Report by Robin

Events today confirmed that Bill Shankly was not always right about football in the grand scheme of things.

Scott, who had felt unwell during the first quarter of play, withdrew at half-time leaving the Blacks a man short. Gregor, noticing that Scott was seated against the boundary wall and in full glare of the warming sun, advised that Scott should relocate to the shady side of the pitch.

In being assisted by Gregor and Colin, Scott twice collapsed.

On Gregor’s advice a call was made to Helicopteros seeking an ambulance.

Scott prone on the ground continued to have breathing problems which eased somewhat before the ambulance ‘s arrival thirty minutes later. Sam and Robin stayed with Scott, as did Gregor who advised the medics as to the situation.

Scott was thoroughly tested and although there was no major cause for concern he was taken to Hospital Del Sol for observation and further tests.

Scott was released home after it had been ascertained that he had been suffering from dehydration and low blood pressure.

As to the football – well of course the game was abandoned after an encounter which saw the Blacks, including Scott, take a four goal first-half lead.

The Black’s trio of Sam ( a goal scorer), Popeye and Max, with three goals and three post hits, particularly caught the eye.

But this time, the goalkeeper who shone was not Eddie but our Polish colleague Gregor who was quite magnificent on field and more especially in his care of Scott.

Thanks to everyone who assisted.

Can everyone please note that our slot at Finca Naundrup is for 11-12,Friday 17 March