Time until the next game at Finca Naundrup

Report by Robin

Another healthy turnout permitted an eight-a-side game.

It was good to welcome back Sam (for the next couple of months) and, in sobriety, Nick, reportedly only for a couple of outings.

In the main, Nick’s shooting was more in keeping with his rugby background, although he did hit the back of the net on three occasions, albeit one effort was disallowed for a Black team-mate having strayed into Eddie’s box.

In keeping with recent games, Eddie was again the busier goalie with Steve F. (upfront for the first time) and Steve R. both hitting woodwork with Hans going one better with a fine strike.

Deadly Dave C. was in top form for the Blacks, scoring four goals. Given that he had the only milk bottle legs afield, he was a standout.

Charles, playing only his second comeback match, was much quieter than last time, though he did score a deflected goal for the Reds. His shooting was not as venomous as before, but it transpired that he was more protective of the match-ball, which he had recently purchased and presented to Chairman Yorky.

Nigel and Andrew both scored a goal for the Reds.

Poor Popeye had to leave the pitch after an encounter with Bluto, thus occasìoning a switch of sides by Gordon from Blacks.

Final Score REDS 3 BLACKS 7