From Keith – a copy of an email conversation I received today from Carol

Dear Keith,

What a coincidence,we are both here  in casarabonela and i was asking colin if he’d like to call in and see you all.

What time do you play on thursday and mondays and i’ll bring col down .

So sorry to hear about bob but it’s encouraging that he’s responding well to treatment.

Sadly dad died 29th july and we’d lost gino in  april after he’d only being in wales for 5 months and it upset dad a lot. Dad was in hospital for a chest infection but it seemed his prostate cancer had spread though I would not accept it and he came home for his last few weeks.He was 95.

Colin is going to exercise classes following his cardio physio and you might see a difference as it’s been a while since you’ve seen him .

I’ve booked also to come out 16th may until 17th june.

I’ve booked to stay 3 nights in fuengirola this friday as col likes the coast.

take care,

Carol and Colin.’