Time until the next game at Finca Naundrup

Report by Robin

Almost 9pm on Sunday 15th and only seven names.

An earlier apology from Gordon en route to Asia occasioned Eddie “The Cat” to forego his intended pilgrimage to Aldi.

He advised that he would be happy playing rush goalkeeper and instead of spraying in his neighbours garden (hence “The Cat”)
we were to lookout for his spraying passes around the midfield a la Maradona.In the event his performance in this regard was more Mercadona like.

With Yorky, Tony J and Arthur supporting Eddie for the Reds it was no surprise when Arthur gave his side a two goal lead – enter Eddie with a dreadful Lidl throw-out which Andrew despatched straight past him into the net.Cue the whistle for the first water break.

By half-time Col the Manc, Fred, Hans and Andrew had turned the match around and were fourth-three in the lead.Yorky and Arthur had both scored for the Reds in what appeared to be a closely run contest.

The Blacks, however chose to demonstrate otherwise and, despite Arthur and Colin swapping teams at the third break, the Blacks put a further seven past Eddie.

Two scores by Hans and nine yes NINE by Andrew completed the scoring. Is there no stopping this goal machine?

Final Score Reds 3 Blacks 11