Countdown to next game at El Canadon

Well your intrepid reporter is back from his gourmet tasting trip to the UK – Greggs steak bake, Hollands cheese & onion pie etc. In my absence somebody pressed the button for summer so it was pretty scorchio at football this Wednesday but, to be fair, there wasn’t a knotted hankie in sight.

Well, it was pretty hot and sticky this morning until the sun decided that if we were going to play football it was also going to have some fun and make it even hotter and stickier.

On paper, the teams looked well matched but then so did the game the night before when the tired (lazy!!), overpaid & talentless England team lined up against the victorious Magyars.

Anyway, the Pinks had the returning (but injured) Ian in goals and Rob at the back with Joe, Ant and Gus in the middle. Alan had a strong game up front though, to be fair, all of the Pinks played well today.

If only I could say the same for the Blues. Despite his new Blue Decathlon special (other shirts are available) Adrian was suffering from visitor fatigue. Neil played well in goals but Tony at the back and Ces, Johan and John all struggled to make an impact today.

The above said the Blues peaked quite early by taking the lead with a very well taken finish from Johan. You could almost say it was “Effortless”.

From that point on the only things the Blues could be proud of was the forethought to put the water bottle in the fridge last night and putting their shoes on the right feet.

The always influential Ant levelled up for the Pinks with a well taken goal and followed this up with another to take the lead soon after. The second was a bit like watching England defend as the Blues tried to clear but failed miserably as the ball pinged from one defender to the other until Ant cooly dinked it past Neil.

Time for a water break and for the Blues to find a mirror so they could take a long hard look in it. In an act as desperate as Donald Trump when he lost the USA presidency it was decided to call Gareth Southgate for suggestions.

Gareth suggested that Harry Maguire be brought on!! After Johan (and the Scottish lads) had stopped laughing all you could hear was the English lads muffled tears of despair.

So to the final stanza. The Blues tried to get Gustavos mate Manolo to flood the pitch but even this didn’t work. Strangely, the Scottish lads seemed to cope with the heavy waterfall better and Johan was also heard to ask why it wasn’t white and cold.

The last goal was a bit of a breakaway by Alan who sprinted towards the blues goal like the tax man was chasing him. Tony considered chopping him down but thought better of it and Alan slotted it home. 3 to 1 for the Pinks and that’s the way it stayed.

Well played all of the Pinks and thanks again to Steve Loasby for reffing. One crumb of comfort to the Blues was that we live in this amazing country and can do it all again on Sunday.

Adrian Southgate, reporting for the Arroyo Gazette, el Canadon, Spain