Time until the next game at Benalmadena

Match Report by Steve C


“Build it and they will come”. Well they certainly did on an overcast Monday at the Retamar.

Many well “kent” old boys were joined by debutants Graham and John.

Eleven a side for the first time in a long while. Alan reinstated the warm up programme that had sadly been allowed to disintegrate in recent weeks.

Keith addressed the WF hordes outlining the rules and etiquette for today. Dave the Bee was promoted to group photographer for today. Fingers crossed for a successful outcome, it might even make the back page of Euro Weekly on Thursday.


A cagey start by both sides was broken by early goals by Glynn who has not lost the Midas touch and Steve, first in the new shoes, made the score 1- all at the first water break.

By the next water break, the oranges were leading 3-1 and were beginning to get on top.

Keith, Terry and Steve tried to marshal the lemons to pressurise the orange defence, but actually Bob, Boris and Kevo had one of their easier days at the back. Indeed Kevo was able to push forward and curled a shot into the top corner late in the game.

Some bizarre refereeing decisions throughout the contest bemused the oranges but they will have to learn that this ref is looking for every opportunity to level things up.

FULL TIME.. The oranges were convincing winners. As we all know, the score doesn’t really matter but for the record it was probably about 12–4. For the Oranges Glynn scored 4, not bad for someone who spent the summer on the bowling greens of Yorkshire.

In addition, Eddie grabbed a couple and Max got a barrel load. For the lemons Steve scored a second with his left foot. He is fast becoming Wrexham’s very own Jimmy Grimble.

Apologies to the other lemon goal scorers who remain unsung heroes.

Now to the CLUBHOUSE….Happy Birthday Martyn! Beer, savouries and pastries in the bar afterwards in celebration.

Raucous banter now replaced the refined debate of the last few weeks. As you know we are a Walking Football and Drinking Club.

It looks like we might also be about to become a Book Club!! The Commander advises we all read “The Fit Up.a noble cause” by A.P. Rogers. Not Geoff’s biography but a ripping yarn about Bob Trebor who joined the police in the 70s and has a talent for catching the bad guys. This can be bought as a ebook from Amazon for £3.99. Maybe if we are good boys Geoff might read us a chapter on Thursday. See you all then.