Time until the next game at Benahavis

Stattos Saturday Scratchings

So for those non the wiser it was a pulsating affair that ebbed and flowed with the whites coming out on top 10-8.

The whites started off on fire racing into a 4-1 lead. Club captain rob Fitzgerald ‘ Kennedy ‘ ( RFK) playing a suicidal pass across his own box to be gobbled up by the writer.

It looked one way until the introduction of 14 year old wonder kid Val, full of tricks, pace ( even though it was semi walking ) and flair. Blues pulled back. Rossiter getting his customary goals.

Blues back in it. And what a goal fest!

Dutchman Meeckoms scoring a screamer. And indeed a 20 yard top corner volley from Big Steve.

The goals kept coming. Young Val twisted and turned and hit a 30 Yarder past a hapless Alex that flew in off the post.

It was competitive as highlighted when club chairman Soprano kicked the ball away from a whites free kick at the edge of the box. Ungentlemanly conduct from the capo di capo but he wanted the win.

Alas a twist in the tale,  statto robs the young upstart to go past one and score. It’s all even. Blues come back again.

That man Rossiter scoring 5 to make it 8-7 to the blues. They think it’s all over. It isn’t.

The writer puts a 25 Yarder past a startled Danilo. Blue shoulders sag. The whites in for the kill.

Statto , and it wouldn’t be Statto , scores his 60th goal in 22 matches since his return, this matching Dixie Deans never to be beaten 1927/28 season for Everton.

Although Dixie did take 39 matches. Statues anybody?

And then to finish off that man Duncan ‘ hollow legs Johnny ‘ Morris now moving upfield finishes off.

A breathless pulsating affair. Back to the cafe for the banter. And on to the goat.

The huge Yid contingent mobbed up but ultimately disappointed followed by more beers.

An afternoon kip for Statto before to return to the affair to catch up with the ale tank Morris for chicken and chips before being clocked by the chairman who correctly identified that Morris and Statto were sweeping the back street for fanny.

Johnny Morris s idea but I went along with it just in case.