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Match Report from Robin

From the outset, this session had a very Italian feel to it, what with Hagi opening the scoring, resplendent in his Italy international top, and the “Three Diegos” featuring prominently in the match.

Diego 1, back from a short sojourn to his native Italia, introduced his son Mark and grandson David.

Diego and Mark both scored, the former like Hagi for the Reds.

Young David hit the post and had a well taken penalty saved a la Pickford by Yorky.

Spectators were entertained by a gymnastic display on the far side by Gary from which he escaped unscathed.

Not so lucky though was James Lee who suffered a nasty shin injury, which occasioned his spending a short time on the bench. After a brief respite he bravely carried on. No mention can be made of the culprit here as I forgot who it was.

Tom, another Evertonian, was in opposition to his dad Popeye, who scored with a sumptuous lob from the half-way line past a sleeping Yorky.

A splendidly fought encounter finished Blacks 2, Reds 2.