Time until the next game at Benahavis

MATCH REPORT – BENAHAVIS 6th July by Rob Fitzgerald

This is fast becoming a fixture to savour. A match in the traditions of Boca v River Plate, Real Madrid v Barca & Scunthorpe United v Grimsby Town.

Los Blancos v Los Azules..
8-a-side with a very warm welcome back to prodigal son Charles ‘the Stopper’ Kleimunt and of course to the man in the middle Rob ‘the Authority’ Humphreys.
Good also to see the return from injury of Big Steve Duffel and Andy ‘shit season with Liverpool’ Robertson.

This was a game full of good football, played in a great spirit but without the usual bucketful of goals.
Indeed only Los Blancos, with a smart finish from Andrew ‘False 9’ Sweeney managed to notch in the first quarter.
Quarter 2 saw Los Azules up the walking pace and take the lead through typical strikes from Greg & Popeye.

2-1 to the Blues after half hour and it must be noted this wasn’t parking the bus stuff….
With brilliant defending from the likes of PJ, Tony Soprano and Knut the Knife (Blancos) and Charles, Paul M and Dunc the Savage (Azules).
Not forgetting the usual heroics from Nick Banks and Ciaran Jennings between the sticks.

Quarter 3 and another clever finish from Andrew brought the game back to level.
A chess match of high speed and quality ensued. Some easy on the eye approach play around both boxes met with cool and stoic defending.
Last quarter and just when an honourable draw looked on the cards up popped Knut with a rare foray upfield to guide a sweet shot into the corner. With the adrenaline pumping, Knut threw himself forward again and with the morning headlines at his feet……he strikes the inside of the upright!
Los Azules certainly hadn’t given up and continued to threaten.

And so to the final act (get ready for some poetic licence).. the ball played into the middle to Rob F fully 27.54 yards out whipped in a shot with his left peg (previously only used to limp around on). There was a moment of slow motion as the ball made its way goalward….Popeye, knowing heading is forbidden in our game (even for players below 4 foot) leapt like a can of salmon only to feel the ball skim his shiny barnet and fly into the top corner.
‘It’s all over….it is now’
4-2 final score 1966 all over again and I could hear Kenneth Wolstenholme in my head.

Great game and muchas pintas after.

Mom: defenders took the limelight for once but Paul Johnson was class throughout 👍🏼🏆⚽️🍺☀️