Countdown to the next  game

Match report by Zorro

It was 28′, hot and humid at the Retamar this morning. Two equally matched teams took to the field and for the first 20 minutes, both sides played very fluid, passing and in the most part, walking football.

At the first break, the yellow tabards had a 1-0 lead, which they hung on to as the weather started to take its toll and less ‘finding space’ runs happened, the orange tabards equalised just before the second break.

That second break was the turning point as the goalies swapped over and, unfortunately, the yellow tabard goalie had a bit of a nightmare, mainly due to him having absolutely no idea where his goals were and aided by some accurate shots from the orange tabards conceded 4 goals in a short space of time. The one redeeming feature was a penalty save, which many believed to be the finest they had seen in a long time. In the after match interview, the goalie was asked what his method was, to which he replied ‘guess which way, then fall over’

The game turned again after the ‘goalie’ went back outfield and after this the yellow tabards drew back level at 5 apiece.

The ever resilient orange tabards scored twice again just before the final break leaving the score at 7-5 to the orange tabards.

The Yellow tabards scored again with a few minutes to go and i am sure that, had anybody had any energy left, they would be biting their nails.

Right at the death, The yellow tabards equalised and keith quickly blew his whistle to end the game. The result was a fair result and both sides could be happy with the game.

Everybody adjourned to the bar where Kevo surreptitiously handed out the ‘goodies’ from a rucksack beneath the table, whilst the Guardia Civil hovered noisily overhead. It would have been easier if they had used a helicopter.

Everybody knew the score and very quickly hid their stash in their own bags and passed the money for their purchases – so, if anyone wants pies or sausage rolls, let kevo know Monday.🤫

Scorers, in no particular order and not necessarily correct….

For the Yellows, Simon, Bob, Darren with one each and Mats and Eddie with 2 ( If Simon was to be believed, he scored 28!)

And for the oranges, Mike, Pete, Terry, John, Steve and Mats with 2.

The Dame Peggy Spencer school of formation dance line up for their photograph