Time until the next game at Benahavis


Billed as a replay of the Euro 2020 final, two teams took to the stage at the iconic Benahavis Stadium tonight to finally settle the debate . Which is the better team? The Azurri or The White Knights of England?

Read on my friends…….

They lined up in an 8 a side game as follows….

Azurri (Blue)
Nick, PJ, Colin, Rob Fitz, Duncan, Rossiter, Steve, Paul Meekcoms (new) & Tom (guest)

White Knights (England)
Martyn, Tony, Nigel (guest) Andrew, John, Greg, Popeye, Chris & Andy

If only Southgate had access to these guys, it could have been totally different🙄

Italy stormed into a 2 goal lead within 8 minutes as Rossiter & Duncan slotted past a hapless Popeye who was making his goalkeeping debut…..plonker 🤪

The lead didn’t last though, as England fought back brilliantly as Scottish John 🙄🤣 put away two and that quintessential Englishman Greg did the same to make the score 4-2 to England at the first break .

The match turned on its head in the 2nd quarter, as the Azurri began to dominate the midfield and with some neat passing moves and unseen running off the ball, put 4 goals away in the space of 12 minutes as Rossiter added two more, Duncan got his brace & Tom ( a younger version of Popeye) danced past Tony & Chris and made them look like Stadler & Waldorf looking on from the Royal Box 😳🤣

England our England, we’re not finished and struck back with another piledriver from Greg and a well taken penalty from Andrew… (Southgate if you are reading this because it’s gone viral on social media….give the penalty to a Scouser… we know how to score & finish!! ⚽️)
6-6 after quarter 2…

Third quarter was all England, we were on the ball and scored 3 without reply…..Turncoat John scoring two more. England scored again with a long range shot but John Motson missed it, so your reporter is unsure…doesn’t matter, it’s now England  8- Italy  6

The match was being refereed by Gary Smith to whom we thank. Well done Gary 👍 He was courageous in giving the penalty from which Andrew scored but perhaps should have gone to Specsavers for some of his other decisions..🥸

Anyway back to the match…the 4th quarter was an end to end affair with chances squandered at both ends…..Steve had a great chance but couldn’t find the target and newbie Paul for the Azurri began to exert his influence on the game with his ball carrying skills from deep. It paid off though, as England sat back and Italy poured forward. That man again, Rossiter put away two more, one of them a worldie from 20 yards with a right foot curler 👏 for arguably the goal of the game, Colin the Geordie smacked another with that hammer of a right foot to establish a narrow lead ⚽️

But the quarter wasn’t over and this England team will never give up. Nigel (making his debut) Greg & Andrew restored the natural order to leave England leading 11 – 9 at the end of the 4th quarter 👍⚽️

In a frenzy of attacking football and some fantastic goalkeeping from Nick (Italy) and Andy (England) the final quarter was nail biting stuff. Both teams desperate to secure the victory.

Colin the Geordie pulls one back, Tom gets his 2nd on the night for Italy to draw the scores level following appalling defending from England…it’s 11 – 11 and the game, the Euros is on a knife edge..😬😬😬

Horror of horrors… PJ the Scot scores for England!!! , but it’s an OG 🤣🤣🤣 it’s now 12 -11 with only minutes remaining…..

Up steps Popeye’s Man of the Match, Rossiter, to rifle home his 6th on the night and secures the Golden Boot 👍⚽️

Final score Italy 12 England 12

Calahonda be afraid, be very afraid we are coming to get yah on Friday ⚽️