On a cloudy cool morning at the Retamar the Orange’s were victors, notwithstanding the score suggests they won easily when this is not so.

In a match best reflected by the enjoyment of our five newcomers, namely twinkle toes Eddie, Steve E,  Kevo, Dave the hornet and Dave 🐝, the latter in the bar afterwards where it looks as if Keef may well have a serious rival!

Highlight of the match was 74 year old Eddie scoring with the last kick of the match for the Yellows, pile-driving a shot all of 6 inches past Dave 🦉 in the Oranges goal for his first ever goal in walking football, classic!

Dave ,The Hornet came off the bench after arriving late and showed some nice touches until deciding to perform a double somersault, tweaking his ankle in the process.

Another newcomer Steve E in his brand new white boots 👢bought from the Chinese  Supermarket last week got a black mark on one of them and is now doubtful for Thursday due to being stressed! No expense spared there then!

There is no doubt the goal of the day was scored by Olaf in true Gerd Muller style following excellent inter passing by Steve C and H which cut through the Yellows defence like a hot knife in butter🧈.

The ever improving Fish scored twice, however man of the match scoring a hat-trick was undoubtedly Olaf, thereby intending to take over the recent scoring exploits of Glyn now that he had returned to the U.K. Bob was solid in defence for the Yellows giving back as much as he received in his tussles with H, like two Teletubbies in the middle of the pitch!

KDN was an excellent referee or so he told me to say, don’t give up your day job just yet Kev! Seriously really nice to see you and much appreciated you took the time to referee.

Other scorers for the Oranges was Dave 🦉   and H.

Kevo scored the first goal for the Yellows, who along with the silky skills of Stephen M, were the pick of the yellows.