A really enjoyable five a side match was enjoyed by everyone at the Retamar on Thursday with the Orange vests the victors by 12 goals to 9, against the Yellows.

This score is debatable as often players try to make out in the bar afterwards that they scored more goals than they actually had, e.g Stevie ‘C’, however on this occasion the opposite was actually true thereby giving poetic licence to the writer.

The star player for the Orange’s was undoubtedly Keith, notwithstanding that he was on the opposing side, he later  claimed this was in order to show his impartiality as somehow he superbly managed  to put the ball into his own net twice in the early stages.

A close contender for star billing was KDN aka ‘Lazy Boy’ who, when taking his turn as rush goalie for the Yellow’s, for someone of his so called academic ability, seemed unaware that he could pick the ball up, consequently having several narrow escapes in the process.

Outstanding for the Yellow’s was Dave Lowe, the ‘Law Man’ with 4 goals, three of them possibly imaginary!

For the Orange’s, goal poacher supreme Glyn hit  5 goals and was cruelly denied a sixth as a result of KDN complaining that  the ball had been kicked out of his hands when VAR clearly showed the ball was nowhere them and had in fact gone through his legs.

Kevo had another hat-trick with Steve ‘Mac’ 2 and Stevie ‘C’ one or was it six?

Next match at the Retamar is Monday 29th March 10.30 for 11am start.