The day finally arrived.Walking footballs premier game of the season.The first Old farts derby at the Polideportivo Benalmadena.

Calahonda Oldfarts arrived promptly at 9.30 as they walked down Polideportivo way towards The Commander in the Bar to sign in.

Oldfarts Benalmadena we’re getting changed on the pitch and we’re looking particularly resplendent in there tight figure hugging kits.
Not to be outdone the Calahonda Oldfarts swiftly changed into there equally figure hugging kit.
Kristi and Josephine looked on from the bar and commented how impressed they were with the British physic.
Particular attention being made to The Commander.”Does The Commander have a potato in his shorts”Josephine asked.”Yeah down the back of them”came the reply.

There was a B match also being played on the opposite pitch which had the normal bunch of moaning prima donas.
6 against 7 so the moaning started so at half time it changed to 7 against 6 and they still moaned.. in the end every one agreed what and enjoyable and close game it was with the orange bibs winning 7-1 special mention to Marks mate John who scored a hatrick and didn’t buy the coordinator a jug as tradition demands.