On a bitterly cold and grey day 23 players arrived at the polideportivo Benalmadena.

Our numbers were swollen as we were joined by our friends from WFS Calahonda Robin, Colin, Phil and young Grufferty.

On arrival at the polideportivo there was great concern as both pitches were alive with horrible kids.The top coordinator was beside himself as he knew that fingers were going pointed in his direction. The colour drained from his face. He knew he had to find a scapegoat, so he went to confront Jose at reception and in a moment of genius, a solution came to mind he threatened that the Commander would come in and tell the story about when he kicked a prisoner down the stairs unless he let us play at 10 o’clock.

Needless to say he backed down very quickly as he had already heard the story many times before.

The game kicked at 10.05 and immediately it could be seen that this was going to be an extremely close game.

End to end, no quarter given ,no quarter taken,  personal battles all over the field. What a game! A privilege to have been there.

Darren in goal for the oranges pulling off save after save. Keef in goal for the lemons taking selfie’s and action pictures which can hopefully be seen with this report. What a game!

Final score.
Lemons 7 Oranges 0