A beautiful day at the polideportivo to greet the return of walking football.

The game started promptly at 10 o’clock and was played in a great spirit. Today also saw the return of the Commander who volunteered to referee the game and did a good job.

The first 20 minutes was dominated by the orange bibs and it was no surprise when they took the lead after 15 minutes when Alan R scored an absolute stunning drive from 15 yards the ball swerved and dipped and then rose into the back of the net giving the keeper no chance. A further 2 goals were scored giving the oranges a 3 -0 lead before the water break.

As James was having an absolute shocker for the orange bibs a deal was done and David L was transferred to the orange bibs and James to the yellow bibs.

The second half was a more even affair with the yellow bibs getting the upper hand but with Fish and Lowe resolute in defence a fair goal was never going to be scored.

The orange defence was finally breached late in the game when the referee (The Commander) was collecting a ball from the far side of the poly.A long ball played from the back which rose thirty feet in the air, everybody stopped apart from James who with great aplomb slotted the ball home to cry’s of “over head height” from the orange bibs was greeted by the yellow bibs crying ”play to the whistle” and “spirit of the game”

Final word from young Smedley who called James “a cheating Clint” , I think that’s what he said!
Final score

Welcome home to Jon Lowe and Bob McNeil

Player profiles
Keef 4
Bob 8
Jon. 7
Olaf 7
David L 9

Alan 8
Dave 8
Peter 8
JC. 8
James 3