From Steve L

The BBBB day is this Saturday 12th for 12pm warm up and stretching at Cocos Sports bar.

We have, in no particular order;

Tony W…. …….Birthday Boy.
Keith & Mrs….Birthday Boy.
KDN……………. Birthday Boy.
Rob G…………..Birthday Boy. (Rob contacted me after message went out to inform me it’s his 70th and would like to be with us, welcome Rob G)
Alan L & Mrs
Adrian & Mrs
Steve M & Mrs
James W & Mrs
John C & Mrs
Steve Mc & Mrs
Cecs & Mrs (I think)
Anthony J
Steve L & Mrs (if she ain’t workin)
Pete F & Mrs
Dave S & Mrs

Would be good to get numbers to 35/40 as buffet being catered for that amount, BTW the buffet is on WFS Benalmadena.

Lesh, We’re hoping to have some Calahonda WFS along but waiting for Thursday nights announcements on restrictions moving forward so 🤞 as it would be good to see some mates from down the coast along with some Benalmadena boys living outside the area like Ray, Joe, Jim.

I hope I’ve not missed anybody if so please if you wish to join us send BBBB👍🏻 on Whatsapp to come and join us.