Further to my post from last week, regretfully, I have had no response regarding the appointment of a new coordinator for the Monday session at Benalmadena.

In the circumstances and with the agreement of the players at Benalmadena, I will take over as caretaker coordinator from Monday 30/11.

This will be a paid role.

As an example of salary:-
15 x 5 = €75.00
Pitch. €33.00

Salary. €42.00

In the event of any player coming forward who wishes to run Benalmadena as a non profit members club, as far as I’m concerned, it will return to its current status without any further financial implications.

If you have any comments or believe you have a better solution please contact me privately on WhatsApp or email me keithwfs@aol.com

To do nothing will mean there will be no walking football at Benalmadena.