Olaf arrived promptly at 5am.The game kicked off promptly at 10 o’clock. 16 players retired to the the bar Alan L leaving early because he’s a naughty boy.

Olaf moved very quickly to get the first jug in for table 1, table 2 struggled a bit with Pete D getting a coffee and was immediately red carded,  however,  table 2 recovered quickly with Mangnall, Carnell and the 🐟 getting a jug apiece.

Table 3 and 4 seemed to combine very well with jugs a plenty coming in from all over the place. Special mention for Loasby, Wright and Waller. There were credible assists from Brady, Barnes Bryant and McHugh(not sure if they got on the scoresheet).

Going back to table 1, young Burke was regaling myself and Olaf with his van being hit by a car at which point he went off to get a jug. Olaf then told me about his 38 year old Russian girlfriend on Darren’s return I went to the toilet.

The final score was
Orange bibs 9 jugs
Yellow bibs. 7 jugs