A creditable performance from the greens today at the Finca.

Against a well organized and experienced Esquina Park Rangers team the Greens were no match and were fortunate to escape with only a 3-0 defeat in the first game this afternoon.

Benahavis faced the visitors next and some poor defensive play saw them suffer the same fate as the home team going down 2-0.

The last game pitted Calahonda against Benahavis. The Greens were soon on the back foot and found themselves 2-0 down.

However the home side finally got themselves organised and two inspired substitutions saw the Greens claw themselves back into the game and shocked the blues leveling the scores. Calahonda raised the roof with Karl smashing home a last minute goal to give Calahonda a win in only their second competitive match. Nigel and Tony S also scored.

Well done to all teams today for a great exhibition of walking football well reffed by Brian raising a great amount of money for charity.