The teams lined up :-Pink bibs Steve L G/K, Joe, Dave 🦉, Steve M, Wrighty and Chris H and the Blues Ray was in goal with Alan, Keef, Adrian, TV Kev and Darren.

In a very tight game tonight,  both pinks and blues pressed for an opening with a lot of good passing and movement.

The pinks opened the scoring with a penalty converted byJoe, however the Blues kept pressing forward through Keef and Alan but Wrighty and Steve M stayed solid at the back

The Blues were undone by a quick one-two between Chris and Joe and Chris scored the second goal for the Pinks. That bought and end to the scoring and the game finished 2-0 to the pinks.

This evening we welcomed Adrian as a new member and Chris H as a returner.

Welcome back Chris

Joe greets new member Adrian Magnall