Walking Football this week at Finca Naundrup Calahonda.

Calahonda was the first of the WFS venues to introduce a session when they played a gentle “Ease In” 8 Aside walking football game.

Ex-club chairman Kevin Narain explained the NO Tackling, No Contact keep your distance rules before kick-off, to ensure the coronavirus 19 rules were adhered to.

It was a good game with some good football and skills.
While not really important in this first day back game it was the Orange bibs who came out on top 2-0.

A slick move from the orange bibs, an exquisite through ball from Wrighty to “Colin the Manc” lurking just outside the box and he put it away with a smile to give orange the lead.
A short time later Sam Broomhead scored a second for orange when he slipped past two defenders and instead of squaring the ball across the box he sent an unsavable shot into the net from just outside the box.

An excellent gentle start back to loosen the muscles and well-controlled by prospective referee Kevin.

“It’s good to be back’.. was chorused by all…….

Refreshments after the game!

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