Smart Currency Exchange Sponsor Walking Football Spain

Smart Currency Exchange, who have an office in La Cala de Mijas, are delighted to be sponsoring Walking Football Spain.

Why is a currency company sponsoring a walking football team? Maybe because we have a lot in common.

With currency transactions, you win by avoiding unnecessary risks and keeping your eyes on the goal. (You can see where we’re going with this can’t you?). Having an effective team behind you, with long experience and expertise, are the vital ingredients for success. Smart has helped thousands of people to move and live in Spain since 2004, and we find that taking things steady and planning ahead are so much more effective than just charging around.

Here are a few things we think walking footballers should know about Smart.

Walking football is great for your fitness, health and happiness (at least when you’re winning). Rapidly fluctuating exchange rates, on the other hand, can lose you money and rapidly raise your stress levels! How can you budget for your salary, investment or retirement income from the UK when exchange rates are leaping up and down faster than Cristiano Ronaldo in the 6-yard box? A Forward Contract from Smart puts you back in control, neutralising the threat by fixing your exchange rate for up to a year. If only football was so simple.

At Smart Currency Exchange we never take our eye off the ball. Our traders are the sharpest-eyed of scouts, watching out for currency movements so you don’t have to. Read our weekly currency notes and speak to your own dedicated trader to see when might be a great time to make your trade or lock in a rate for later.

Smart has a range of plans for those living in Spain but receiving a pension or salary in Spain. These include a Regular Payments Plan, and automated exchange tool allows you to set-up payments to occur at a frequency that suits you. Perfect for paying your walking football membership fee without being nagged by the treasurer. You can also lock in a rate and ensure you know how much you are sending and receiving every time.

And if Arsenal come calling and you head back to Britain, Smart will ensure your funds get back to you in Britain via our cost-effective arrangement with a leading Spanish bank.

To open a FREE, no-obligation account with Smart Currency Exchange, CLICK HERE!

Alternatively, call the office on +34 951 401 921 or email and quote FOOTBALL!

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