Rules For The Walking Football Tournament in Almeria in April

The Walking Football tournament in Hercaul-Overa in Almeria have just forwarded me their rules:

here are the rules for the competition – it will be seven a side plus subs (at least one and no more than 3 per side)
we will have to charge an entry fee as the costs of this have just shot up but we will keep it to 50e per team I hope thats ok
with everyone we did try to avoid this but needs must
we will do the draw in the next couple of weeks and keep apart teams from the same club in the first phase for the weds – after that luck of the draw
It will more than likely be 10 mins each way per game – will finalise this soon – do any of the teams involved have refs that are coming as we would like
not to have ours reffing when we are involved
1.No running on or off the ball, the ref’s decision is final. Free kicks will be taken from where the “running ” occurred as decided by the ref.
2. No contact. A “tackle” where the two players both have contact with the BALL only will be allowed. NO SLIDE TACKLES
3. There will be rolling subs – i.e. you can sub as many times as you want BUT the player going off must touch the player coming on at the half way line – this will be overseen by the extra official if present
4. The ball can go up to the height of the crossbar but not over that, this includes corners and again the referee’s decision is final (1.83 mtrs or just over 6ft )
5. The goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass, and will release the ball back into play UNDERARM or by kicking it. If the keeper kicks the ball out or throws it over crossbar height a FREE KICK  will be awarded – it the keeper saves a shot and it deflects above crossbar height PLAY ON
6. Balls out of play will be returned to the field by kicking only. E.g. No throw ins.
7. Overriding rule. Any player constantly moaning, groaning and generally being a pain regarding decisions will be cautioned
8. A DIRECT free kick will be awarded inside the shooting area for all offences other than running and over crossbar height these will be INDIRECT – If a DIRECT free kick is given in the keepers area it will be a PENALTY
9. In a dead ball situation the opposing teams players must be 3 metres away
10. Persistent offending will result in a warning that the player is in danger of being sent off  (AFTER ANY TWO OFFENCES) – and with the next offence (THIRD) he will be sin – binned FOR THE DURATION OF THE HALF BEING PLAYED if when he returns to the field the offending continues he will be red carded
11. There will be an area defined where an attempt at goal can be made – outside of this area any subsequent goal will not stand unless it touches another player on the way in
It has been agreed that wherever possible there will be two officials the referee and one assistant who will watch for infringements from the halfway line which the referee can not see – he will also oversee any substitutions meaning the referee does not have to be informed and no need to stop the game – this will always be in force in competitions
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