Concerns about FA People’s Cup in Walking Football this weekend!

This weekend the FA People’s Cup ‘kicks’ off. Already the concerns and fears of last year have started to flood social media platforms. Left in the hands of the venue staff, young refs unfamiliar with the game, ethos, running and physicality issues are expected to manage multiple matches. ‘Unfinished business’ has been quoted by a team in an undisclosed part of the country. It appears the big prize and prestige brings out the very worst in many teams and individuals.

The quicker and more physical teams thrive in the unfolding of a scenario without proper control. Several teams are travelling to fixtures armed with the FA rules for the competition, and a quiet discord amongst a few are that teams will walk off the pitch if they are poorly represented by officials, or subject to the intimidation and physicality of teams ‘up for the cup.’ That is a bold statement and stand to be made by teams fed up with being persistently trodden upon (literally,) and by this show they will be heard in their sacrifice should it come to that.

From Walking Football United

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