Director of Walking Football Association Resigns Saying Walking Football Too Competitive!

The Development Director of the Walking Football Association in the UK, Steve Rich, has resigned. Increasing levels of competitiveness and physicality in Walking Football is cited as one of his main concerns. Steve said in a statement posted on the Walking Football United website,

“For over four years I have devoted much time and energy into this wonderful game that brings so much to each individual on their personal journey, inclusion, with increased social and physical wellbeing through direct participation. I have been particularly passionate and vocal about the running and physicality in the game, and continually strive to try and clarify and unify the one standard set of rules that unite all of us. The game truly needs it.

“In a time where the game is at a crossroads in terms of control, credibility and evolvement, I have been extremely concerned that the competitive game continues to increase in popularity and growth, but that the all too frequent issues of ‘not walking’ and physicality still remain the constant bug bare. Recruiting more WF referees is key in the game’s development, but these referees need to be of a high standard – for what would be the purpose of just adding numbers without expertise?”

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