Walking Football Gibraltar Visit To Walking Football Spain!

Four members of Walking Football in Gibraltar came to visit us on Thursday 8th February as a scouting mission ahead of our tournament in Gibraltar on Wednesday 7th March 2018.

With the four Gib lads, Gerry, Eric, Victor and Elliot, we ended up with 24 players so made 4 teams of 6-a-side, for the Over-65 and Under-65 sessions. The Unders went and played on the 7-a-side pitch, while the Overs played on the half-pitch with the new goals that I had ordered. Unfortunately, although the new goals looked pretty big in my living room, they looked a bit small on the pitch! I think we will create areas around them so that people can’t stand directly in front of them, which makes it impossible to score.

However, we had a visitor from Denmark, Max Akselbo, who did not seem to have a problem scoring, with something like 5 goals I think and obviously being Man of the Match.

The Under 65s seemed to enjoy their session on the 7-a-side pitch, although they did seem to be breaking into running without the presence of a referee to keep them in check. We welcomed a new player that Keith introduced, Pete Madden and we also welcomed back a regular visitor, Marc Diamond. Although Marc had an existing injury that forced him to play in goal. Man of the Match, for the second time in 3 weeks went to Rob Brown, primarily for his first-half performance in goal I understand. I later was sat in Starbucks in Marbella and Rob walked past me clutching his trophy! I think he was parading it around Starbucks for all to see!

The bar staff, Esperanza and Angel, have had to increase the numbers of chairs and tables they put out for us lately, with our numbers at Elviria swelling consistently to above 20 so far this year!

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