Holidaymakers Play it Safe and Visit Same Destination Repeatedly

Brits are playing it safe when it comes to holidays – visiting the same destination four times, a study has found.

Worries about the language barrier coupled with a lack of understanding of the currency and local customs means many stick with what they know when it comes to travelling.

One in ten will even go to the same resort 11 times.

Somewhat ironically, 15 per cent admitted to holidaying in the same location – because they worry about the weather if they go elsewhere.

But the poll of 2,000 UK adults by Royal Caribbean International, found that for those who do journey back to their old holiday hotspots, it doesn’t always go to plan.

One in ten struggle to find new things to do on later visits, or were disappointed to find it had changed for the worse since previous trips.

Others simply found themselves retracing their steps, and doing the same stale activities as before – and for many Brits, the initial excitement from their first trip had worn off the second time around.

On average, people said they had been on three trips to forget as they simply hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

One in twenty even admitted they had been on up to 14 holidays that weren’t at all memorable.

As a result 40 per cent of Brits confessed to feeling jealous of a friend’s tantalising trip.

It also emerged many were ‘forced’ on holidays they didn’t really want to go on – with one in 10 saying their partners twisted their arm or that they had to visit far-flung family.

Others said friends and in-laws had insisted on holidays they were reluctant to go on – while one in 10 parents said their children had pester-powered their way to a trip they didn’t fancy.

Fifteen per cent say one of their biggest holiday regrets is not knowing enough about a destination before their arrival or spending far more than they budgeted for.

But with so much travel, so much to see, and so little time, there were many iconic sights Brits said they fear they will never get to visit – with the Great Wall of China the landmark people long to see the most.

And more than one third cited Egypt’s ancient Pyramids, and India’ magnificent Taj Mahal, as the spectacles they doubt they will get to see.

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