Video from Walking Football Tournament in Algarve

This video was taking of our second and final match at the Walking Football Tournament we attended in Ohlao, in Portugal in November.

After losing 1-0 in our first game to Silver Coast Strollers from a direct free kick that we did not defend properly (only being used to indirect free kicks!). We were then determined to put in a good showing in our second game against Tavira.

The team was Jim King, Hugh Wood, Steve Chapman, Brian Gregory, John Wright, Alex Ness in goal, and of course, Gordon Powell.

The team played really well. Jim King put in a good performance but man of the match went to Gordon Powell who supplied both passes that led to our 2-0 victory, with goals from Hugh Wood and the second from John Wright.

The team came off buzzing and happy about our first ever tournament win! Unfortunately, literally a minute or two later, as Gordon Powell was laughing and chatting about the game on the sidelines, he suddenly collapsed from a heart condition and died almost immediately. Despite the best intentions of the first aider present and the paramedics who arrived quickly on the scene, there was nothing anyone could do to save him.

His daughter, Tennessee Powell, later told me what happened. He had Ischemic Heart Disease, which basically is a build up of stuff inside the arteries / veins that feeds the hearts blood supply which eventually became a blockage and therefore stops the flow of blood to the heart muscle causing it to stop beating. This is why he felt nothing , it wasn’t a heart attack as such, his heart literally stopped beating.

This video is therefore the last images of Gordon Powell’s life and is very poignant as a result.

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