Walking Football San Pedro de Alcantara Match Report

Walking Football San Pedro de Alcantara Match Report.

We had a record 18 players turn up at the San Pedro session this week, so we divided up into 4 teams of 5 players, with myself playing and goalkeeper Alex Ness doubling up.

The teams were split into 4 team captains as follows:

Captain Greg Findlayson, Finnish visitor Jan, Colin McGreary, Paul Deneen, and first-time visitor Philip Cross.

Captain Jerard Phillips, first-time visitor Steven Faull, Martin Jenkins from one of our sponsors Black Tower Financial Management, Magnus Ehrnrooth and Alex Ness.

Captain Adam Scott, Chris Brandt who was getting the birthday drinks in (for 19 of us!), Lee Sessions, Ian Roberts and Doug Llewellyn in goal.

Captain Rob Fitzgerald, first time visitor Bob Sheffield, Charlie Buckman, myself and Alex Ness in goal.

Match 1 was Capt. Jerard vs Capt. Greg with Capt.Jerard winning 3-0 with two goals from our sponsor Martin Jenkins (which was handy!) and a goal from Magus Ehrnrooth.

Match 2 was Capt. Adam vs Capt. Rob with a 2-1 victory for Capt. Adam, with goals from Chris Brandt and Lee Sessions and a goal from Capt. Rob to pull one back.

Match 3 was Capt. Adam vs Capt. Jerard with Adam winning 3-1. Two goals from Lee Sessions and a goal from Capt. Adam Scott, with a goal from Capt. Jerard.

Match 4 was Capt. Jerard vs Capt. Rob with Capt. Rob winning 1-0 with a goal from myself!

Match 5 was Capt. Adam vs Capt. Greg with Capt. Greg taking a 3-1 lead with a hat trick from Greg before Lee Sessions made it 3-1 and then Adam took control of the game and scored a hat trick himself to make it 4-3. Great game!

The final match 6 was Capt. Rob vs. Capt. Greg with a draw at 2-2 with 2 goals from myself and 2 goals from Greg.

Top scorer was Greg Findlayson with 5 goals, with Lee Sessions and Adam Scott tied for 2nd place with 4 goals each.

Man of the Match was given to Captain Adam Scott for winning all their matches.

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