Watching Footie and Going to the Pub are Best Things About Being a Man!

Being able to go to a pub alone, not having to straighten your hair and enjoying banter with ‘the boys’ have emerged among a list of the best things about being a bloke, according to research.

Watching footie with the lads and being able to get ready for work in ten minutes also appeared in the list of 40 benefits of being a man.

The study of 2,000 blokes also revealed bargain haircuts, being ‘man of the house’ and playing with Lego and Nerf guns without being ‘judged’ are all plus points of living life as a guy.

Tom Bell, co-founder of Skinny Brands, which commissioned the research, said: “We wanted to really get into the psyche of men – find out what they love and what makes them tick.

“Our research confirmed blokes still love a trip to their local with the lads as a chance to get away and enjoy a bit of banter and a few drinks”

Millions of men agree having a beard, worrying less about your figure and not having to ‘put your face on’ were also among the top reasons which make being a bloke great.

Men also agreed age is much kinder to them, grey hair “adds character”, and being able to grow beard to cover up your double chin are all pros of being a chap.

The female traits of giving birth and ‘time of the month’, which fellas never have to be concerned about, took the top two spots of blokey benefits.

The study also found going to the pub is one of the best things about being a man, one in five confess to lying about being somewhere else when secretly sinking a drink with mates.

These precious pub moments give blokes a chance to relax, catch up with friends and even a bit of ‘me time’.

Over half said they will often grasp the opportunity to go to their local to watch the game and will sink at least three pints during the cheering and chanting when supporting their team.

The study, conducted via, also found the worst things about being a man with going bald and getting a beer belly topping the list above the pain of getting kicked in the groin.

Completing the top five were having ‘man boobs’ and being expected to fix things.

Also appearing in the list of bad things about being a bloke were feeling like you can’t show your emotions and how people will assume life is easier for guys.

That being said, 44 per cent agree men have it easier in life than women with just six per cent saying it’s hard being a bloke.

Over one third admit they feel pressure to live up to the male stereotype, more than those who feel anxiety around being more open to showing emotions.

As a result, four in five agree man’s role in society is changing with 47 per cent claiming guys are less manly than they were 10 years’ ago.

Tom Bell added: “Despite the increasing pressure on men to look good, they don’t want to miss out on the social aspects of going to the pub. Choosing a lower calorie option that still delivers on flavour and strength, is great solution for many men”.

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